Off-road cycling is the fastest growing sector of cycling world-wide and at a local level all aspects are catered for:  These include:

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If you are interested in finding out any more, why not check out our message board and have a read at some of the reports (click here).

And if you would like to come along and spectate at one of the races then please check out or for details of the forthcoming events.   If you do come along please feel free to speak to any member of the Dromara club and he/she will welcome the opportunity to answer your questions.

If you feel like having a go then all you would need is:
1) A bicycle fit for purpose (feel free to put a post on the forum if you want advice on this),
2) A well fitting helmet,
3) A cycling licence.  These are available as a single day licence from the event organisers or you can purchase a yearly licence.  Feel free to contact our club secretary Martin  for more details.  This licence includes insurance so it is essential.
4) Entry fee.  This can be between £5 and £20 depending on the race type.  This information is usually available with details of the race location, directions etc

And that is it.  Sure you can splash out on fancy lycra but this is off-road cycling and for those new to cycling and who wish to “have-a-go” you should wear clothes that
a) Do not interfere with the mechanics of the bicycle (no flared trousers!), and
b) Are comfortable enough for you to enjoy your cycling.

Joining a club
If you feel you would like to join our club then Martin would be your best point of contact.  For a mere £10 you will receive the benefits of:
a) Invites to join our club cycling runs,
b) Updates by email from Martin of any upcoming racing and socialising events,
c) An opportunity to purchase our club colours (jerseys, shorts, winter tops) which could
d) Get you lots of vocal support at any event you attend.

I hope the above has answered your questions but if you would like more information then please feel free put up a post on our message board or send an email to Martin.