Club League Rules

To run an event the club needs both timekeepers and marshalls.  These helpers are drawn from the list of participants and are named in advance of the event.  As an acknowledgement for their assistance, both types of helpers are awarded league points (see below).

For the 2016 Season to take part in this club league you are required to sign up for 3 races that you are going to Marshall or provide – to do this please fill in this form.

Time handicaps
Time handicaps are applied in two ways.  For time trials they are applied after the event in order to even out the various ability levels and find out who has made personal improvements.  For road races, the time handicaps are applied by grouping similar ability riders together and setting them off at timed intervals.  In theory, all riders should then come together at the end for a ‘bunch finish’.

Riders begin the series of events with no time handicaps.  The first time handicap is calculated after the first 10 mile (solo) time trial.  The time handicap is calculated from the number of minutes and seconds above 20 minutes i.e. if Rider A completes the 10 mile time trial in 30 minutes then his/her time handicap for the next time trial will be 10 minutes.  At the next 10 mile time trial Rider A completes the event in an ‘actual time’ of 28 minutes.  With the 10 minute time handicap his/her ‘handicap’ time will be 18 minutes.  This is then compared to the other riders, ranked in order of time and then points are awarded (see paragraph below).  A report from each event is provided on the club website along with tables showing both the actual times and the handicapped times.  After each subsequent 10 mile (solo) time trial, the handicap is recalculated based on the ‘average’ of all the 10 mile time trials during this season.  In the example above, for the third 10 mile time trial, Rider A will have a 9 minute handicap (i.e. 30mins-20mins = 10mins, 28mins – 20mins = 8mins, average of 10mins and 8mins = 9mins).

Points awarded

For road races
The winner receives 50 points, second gets 45 points, third gets 40, fourth 35, fifth 34, sixth 33, seventh 32 etc.  The minimum number of points awarded for completing a race is 25. 

For time trials
For time trials, the points are awarded on the fastest ‘handicap’ time.  The winner gets 40 points, second gets 39, third gets 38 etc.  The minimum number of points awarded for completing the distance is 25.

For timekeepers
In recognition of the vital job that timekeepers play, from 2009 onwards the timekeepers are to get a minimum of 27 points, with a maximum of one point less than the last participant gets (minimum of 27).  Therefore, if at a time trial there are 10 participants, the winner would get 40 points, the 10th rider would get 31 and the timekeeper(s) would get 30 points.

For marshalls
From 2012 onwards, marshalls are to get 20 points for helping out.  This will not depend on the number of participants.
[NOTE:  Marshalls must be aged 18 or over]

All participants, marshalls and time keepers sign a Cycling Ireland form with the following disclaimer
I understand and agree that I participate in this event entirely at my own risk, that I must rely on my own ability in dealing with all hazards and that I must ride in a manner which is safe for myself and all others. I am aware that when riding on a public highway the function of the marshals is only to indicate direction and that I must decide whether the movement is safe. I agree that no liability what so ever shall attach to the Promoter, Promoting Club, Race Sponsor, Cycling Ireland, any Sub-Committee of Cycling Ireland, any Race Official or any Member of the Promoting Club in respect of injury, loss or damage suffered by me in or by reason of the event, however caused.

At the end of the series of events, the final point totals will be calculated based on the best 14 out of 19 events.


from Derek Hanna

  • You are responsible for your own safety. Obey traffic laws. The road is not closed for the event. You are deemed to be a regular road user.
  • Line up at the starting line on the hard shoulder in departure number order. Stay off the travelled part of the roadway.
  • Missing your start time means you go last.
  • Respect the rights of other road users. Allow plenty of room when passing pedestrians or other cyclists.
  • Do not ride with your head down.
  • A marshal is on duty to mark the turnaround point and to vouch that riders reach the turnaround point. The marshal is not authorized to advise you on whether you should turn.
  • The decision to turn is yours alone. You must check in both directions well in advance of the turnaround point to determine whether it is safe to turn. If in doubt, err on the side of waiting.
  • Helmet use is mandatory.
  • Warming up on the course after the first rider is away is forbidden. Plenty of room in the opposite direction!
  • No drafting is allowed sitting behind another rider.
  • Call out your name loud and clear as you approach and cross the finish line.
  • Riders shall not approach the timekeepers for times until all riders are finished

Points awarded

Time trials
Road races
1st 40 50
2nd 39 45
3rd 38 40
4th 37 35
5th 36 34
6th 35 33
7th 34 32
8th 33 31
9th 32 30
10th 31 29
11th 30 28
12th 29 27
13th 28 26
14th 27 25
15th 26 25
16th 25 25
17th 25 25
18th 25 25
19th 25 25
20th 25 25

* last updated 14 May 2009