MTB Club League 2016

The Mountain Bike Club League is about to make a return for 2016, with brighter evenings only just around the corner, and the open race season already under way, the time has come to once again lock bar ends and get up close with some rocks and roots.

Last year saw the introduction of  “Enduro Lite” rounds, and these will continue to be incorporated after some great battles last year. The majority of rounds will come under the short course format. Handicapping will be employed for all furious pedalling based XC racing rounds, based on your open race category. Unless the race judge says otherwise(!). All abilities are catered for.

If you’ve never raced before, don’t worry, just turn up with your usual riding gear and enter. The only way to improve is to get out there and do it! Though the most important tip of all is to keep smiling and have fun.

For the league we count your best 6 out of 7 Rounds, giving that you might be ill for a round or otherwise occupied. Also for Marshalling / timekeeping you will get 100Points and you can only get the points for Marshalling / timekeeping once.

The competitive season will conclude with the club championship race for members only, in August.

01/04/2016RD1XCVenue B
08/04/2016RD2XCVenue B
15/04/2016RD3XCVenue B
13/05/2016RD4ENDURO LITEVenue TBA
10/06/2016RD5ENDURO LITEVenue TBA
08/07/2016RD6Format TBAVenue TBA
22/07/2016RD7Format TBAVenue TBA
28/08/2016CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP RACE.XCTraditional Venue

League points.

Operates on a sliding scale as follows:

100 Points
95 Points
90 Points
85 Points
80 Points
78 Points

And each successive place is -2 points (E.G. 76, 74, 72, etc) down to 20th Place which gets 50 Points. Thereafter, each place gets -1 point (E.G. 49, 48, 47 etc) .