On Sunday 7 August 2011, Dromara Cycling Club will be hosting their annual Mourne Sportive and Hilly Leisure Tours.  There will be again four routes to chose from which should provide a challenge for all riders.  The 'big' event on the day will be the infamous Mourne Sportive, described by some as the toughest one day tour in Ireland.   This 169 km route will take riders into the heart of the Mourne Mountains climbing over 11,000 feet across many of its famous peaks including Coyle’s Hill, Spelga, Windy Gap and Dree Hill.  Entry is limited to 60 riders for the Sportive.

As well as the Sportive, we are also holding three shorter Hilly events, the Hilly 125, Hilly 85 and the Hilly 60.  The Hilly '125' is now in its 23rd year and proves to be the most popular distance for the leisure riders.  To help you decide which route to chose, see our helpful guide at the bottom of the page.

All four routes share a common tea stop which, as per last year, will be located at Leitrim GAA club.  The Sportive riders will also have another tea stop at Meelmore Lodge in the heart of the Mourne Mountains.  All events will start and finish at Dromara Football Club (location) .  

As part of the day's events we are offering a Junior Hilly Tour using the Hilly '60' route.  This route is well suited to junior riders (those aged 12 - 16) and riders will be escorted by senior club riders to and from the tea stop at Leitrim.  The fee for the juniors is 5.

NOTE: All junior riders entering the Hilly 85 or Hilly 125 need only pay 5 on the day.

A summary of the events is given below.

Event Distance Sign on open from Start time Tea stops # Fee* Notes
Mourne Sportive 169 km / 105 mi 07:15 08:00 Leitrim GAA & Meelmore Lodge 20 Pre-entry ONLY (limit 60)
Hilly '125' 125 km / 78 mi 08:30 09:30 Leitrim GAA 15 Optional pre-entry (fee 10)
Hilly '85' 85 km / 53 mi 08:30 09:30 Leitrim GAA 15 Optional pre-entry (fee 10)
Hilly '60' 60 km / 37 mi 08:30 09:35 Leitrim GAA 15 Optional pre-entry (fee 10)
Junior Hilly Tour 60 km / 37 mi 08:30 09:35 Leitrim GAA 5 Optional pre-entry (fee 5)

* Insurance

The fees above are for those who hold a current Cycling Ireland or CTC licence (or equivalent).   Proof of insurance (membership card) will be required on the day.

For everyone else there is an additional 1 fee for day insurance OR riders can obtain a Cycling Ireland Leisure Licence which will provide personal accident cover for the remainder of the year.  There is an offer on for that Leisure Licence which is 10 (or €10) for those riders who have never had a Cycling Ireland licence in the past.  Normal price 36.  The insurance fee is to be paid on the day.  

# Tea stops
NOTE: The tea stops are only open for a fixed period of time.  
Leitrim GAA tea stop will be open from 10 am to 2 pm.
Meelmore Lodge will be open from 1:30 pm to 4 pm.

Sponsored food


And at the end...?
At the finish all succesful participants will receive a commerative gift and for those doing the Sportive they will also receive a certificate with their time printed on it.  There will also be hot food at the football club as well as use of the public bar.  The football club can provide parking, showers and changing facilities for both men and women.  

Wondering what event to enter?
See some details on what is in store on the routes below.


Event Pre-entry Closing date/time
Pre-entry (Mourne Sportive)
Pre-entry for the Sportive is now CLOSED


Friday 5 August 2011 at 11.59 pm
Pre-entry (Hilly 125, 85, 60, Junior Hilly Tour)
Pre-entry for the Hilly events is OPEN.  

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Saturday 6 August 2011 at 8 pm.
After that you can come along and enter on the day.

Click here to see who has pre-entered.

If you are unable to make the event after having pre-paid please let us know before 8 pm on Saturday 6 August 2011 by sending an email to Martin.  Refunds (less 1 admin charge) will be paid if we are notified before this time, however we will not be giving refunds after this time.

More information
If you would like more information about the event, please feel free to email the club secretary Martin Grimley or alternatively you can give Martin a call on 07899 913865.
You can also read the reports from the events
2010, 2009, 2008

Location of Dromara Football Club
Lat.   N 54.37118788
Long. W 06.01813563
BT25 2EB


Wondering what is in store on each route?


The little Hilly (60K)
Some regular County Down hills but no major climbs.  This event is suitable for juniors and non-club cyclists.  This is also an option if the weather is bad or for anyone who feels their fitness is not up to the standard required harder events.
 Some little County Down Hills
Lunch in Leitrim
Some more little County Down hills
The Hilly (125K)
The original and some say the best.  This event is for strong cyclists and visits all major climbs. After lunch there is Spelga Dam and a number of other hills to climb including Leganny Dolmen. This event remains a real challenge in every sense of the word.
The Cornmill
Dree Hill
Windy Gap
Lunch in Leitrim
Spelga Dam
Legananny Dolmen
The Hilly (85K)

Same first half to lunch in Leitrim as the Hilly 125K including:-
The Cornmill
Dree Hill
Windy Gap
Lunch in Leitrim
The easier 60K route home

This is a good option for those who want to do some climbs but not all of them.  Also useful as a bail-out for those that intended to do the 125 but by the half way stage have had enough and do not want to do anymore big hills!
The Mourne Sportive

For very fit competitive cyclists and is only available to those that have pre-registered on-line.  Same first half to lunch in Leitrim as the Hilly 125K

The Cornmill
Dree Hill
Windy Gap
Lunch in Leitrim
Some more hills...
Spelga Dam
Second food stop in Meelmore Lodge
Even more hills...
Legananny Dolmen

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