Club League Marshal Page

Please fill in the form for marshalling duties for the Club League and remember 3 is just the minimum number of events to Marshal so you can push for the Volunteer of the year trophy by marshalling more.

Marshall Form

    * These races require more marshalls so if you are undecided then please choose from the starred races

Once the form is filled in it is checked and your selections are added to the below table. Please check this to see what races/TT’s you are scheduled to do as if you are unavailable please make it your responsibility to find a replacement.

RoundCourseDateMarshalsNumber Required
2Kelly Road Race (Old Belf. Rd)30/03/2017Lisa M, Jack F, David H, Trev B, Robert McD, Rich C, Gavin M14
3Dundrum Line06/04/2017Trev B8
4Gallbog Sprint / Diamond Rd13/04/2017Trev B8
5Killyleagh Rd20/04/2017Colin Mc, John W, Robert McD, Darren Mc, Paul G, Brian Kellett8
6Lurgan Road27/04/20178
7Kinallen04/05/2017Lisa M, Gareth W, Paul G15
8Lacken Road11/05/2017David H, Trev B, Chris M8
10Lisburn - Annahilt25/05/20178
11Spa01/06/2017Kevin W, John W, Barry K, Ivan B, Peter B, Nathan M8
13Bally-Hills-Bally 1615/06/2017Stephen W, Barry K, Stevie I8
14Lisburn - Annahilt22/06/2017Nathan M, Robert McD, Barry K, Ivan B, Chris M, Nathan M, Michael C8
15Castlewellan 16/2529/06/2017David D, Jack F, Stephen W8
16Strangford Road06/07/2017Colin Mc, David H, Peter B, Nathan M8
17Dpk road rev.13/07/2017Gareth W, Michael C, Stevie I15
18Harry Ferguson20/07/2017Lisa M8
20Lurgan Road03/08/2017Kevin W, Stephen W, John W, Colin Mc, Brian Kellett8
21Dundrum Line10/08/2017Stevie I8
22Legacurry17/08/2017Brian K, Michael C, Gareth W, Paul G, Brian Kellett15
24Dree Hill31/08/2017Kevin W4
25Cull's Hill07/09/20174