Craigavon Delivers (Babies?)

Dromara CC hosted the latest round of the Ulster CX series on Sunday past, at the Craigavon Water sports centre. A fantastic, twisting, snaking course compacted into one relatively small area provided for some hard racing. The torrential rain in the days leading up to the event brought the inevitable mud. But what Kind of mud would it be? Somewhere between a Grade 4 (Peanut butter) and Grade 5 (Goo) covered the majority of the course, with a couple of sections producing a small mix of grades 6 & Read more [...]

DCC all over the podiums at Bangor CX Mudfest

Before we get started on the report DCC are running Round 6 of the Ulster Cyclocross Series next week at Craigavon Watersports Centre - Looking volunteers for this so get your name down as soon as possible on the forum - With the exception of Round 2 at Lady Dixon the weather has been unbelievably mild and dry. It couldn't last and with NDCC moving their venue back to Ballymacormick Park the rain Read more [...]