Round 22 – 2 Up Gall Bog Road

Round 22 marks the last round of the league that carried league points. With everyone talking about it being the end of the season last week it was clear mid week that there may have been quite a bit of talk but the good bikes didnt get put away. With the start and finish not at the same place it is never straight forward for the timekeepers. First things first are to pass out  thanks this evening to Emma J who sorted out the job of getting everyone signed on and then allocated onto the start Read more [...]

Irish National Youth Championships

Last weekend the Irish National Youth Championships took place and our very own Matthew Armstrong flew the Dromara CC flag. His report is below but to say he did us proud is an understatement. Well Done Matthew and welcome to scratch ;-) Report Below: I went into the first stage, a 4.8 mile tt with a head wind, with a few nerves but they instantly went away when I started and finished with a reasonable time of 12:26 putting me in fourteenth place. Next was the road race which was a 33 mile Read more [...]