Dromara Mountain Bike Club Championships

The Dromara Mountain bike league had come to an end and the final mountain bike trophy of the year was on offer. This gives the winner the bragging rights for a year or the rest of the club the slagging rights depending on the individuals involved. The build up was intense what date was the race going to take place? Who was going to compete? What shape was everyone in?

The race takes the format of a handicap system which is set by the club mountain bike representative Kellett. The riders had to complete  4 laps of the very challenging course. Last years club champion Cambers would officiate as he sustained an injury riding something he shouldn’t!

Cambers turned up promptly with chair and clipboard to announce the start times, but he quickly disowned the handicaps as “nothing to do with him”.

In all 10 riders competed in the race, first away was Wannita Broome followed by Derek Minnis on his return from injury. There was then a group of 4 away with wannabe off roader Neil Armstrong shooting off the start line with a look of determination in his eyes followed closely by Graham Smyth. Ben Wilson was away next followed by Davey Broome. Last away were the two U10 riders Lexie Broome and James Armstrong.

As the race developed and it became apparent that conditions were very slippery the most technical cyclists came to the fore. Ben Wilson and Davy Broome were on the hunt chasing hard through the earlier starters. Going into the last lap Wannita Broome was in the lead only to be caught by Brian Wilson on the 2nd last technical section followed closely by Ben Wilson.

Ben Wilson was pushing hard and made his move in the very last technical section before the finish to become the 2017 Club Champion. The podium was completed with Brian Wilson in 2nd and Aidy Booth in 3rd.

Although this is a handicap race Ben had the quickest overall time followed closely by David Broome who emerged from the woods shouting “ I couldn’t have went any harder”.

Ben Wilson smashing it to take victory


The win for Ben Wilson means he can add Mountain Bike Club Champion title to his Mountain Bike club league title and Cyclocross champion title. This is the first time that the same individual has held all the off road titles in the same year.

In the U10 race both Lexie and James pushed hard and crossed the line together. Both riders should be commended on their level of skill as the course was so technical.

As for the wannabe off roader Neil Armstrong he eventually finished, muttering under his breath something about Kellett, handicaps and joke!

Thanks go to Cambers for timekeeping, to Kellett for administration and to all the volunteers who prepare(and dream up) these courses to test the riders.

Let the slagging begin!