Who could believe that it is the start to the Club League 2017, I mean I haven’t even started my winter training yet. With round 1 postponed due to the nights still not bright enough the beginners race (or Round 2) gets to be first up. This is a short race and really aimed at those who are new to racing or would like to give it ago knowing that you will not be out of your depth.
Gareth Woodall has been instrumental in organising the Club League this year so for him to organise a nice dry evening with little wind as well was very impressive.

No doubt you will hear this mantra all season but a huge thanks to all the marshals. Without you there would be no event.

Corner 1 – Raymund M and Trevor B
Corner 2 – Eddie D, Marek P, Ronnie S, Robert McD
Corner 3 – Gavin M, Graham McC, Chris M, Nathan M
Lead car – David D, David H
Timekeepers – Lisa M and Graham B

In the race it seems that Neil “i’m and offroader” Armstrong has clearly been training hard over the winter and would be keeping another offroader honest in his group. Johnny Ward is fresh from his A4 victory at the PJ Logan found himself promoted to the scratch group. The handicap fairy has been workign hard over the winter and managed to do a great job of getting almost all the groups together for the last lap.

As it turned out Neil Armstrong and Davy Broome made the break for the finish and would hold everyone off with Neil snatching the victory from Davy Broome. Colin McCready with complete the top 3 as he held off Darren McCann.

All in all a great start to the season with the Club League starting for real next week with a 10mile TT on the Dundrum Line. First rider will be off at 7pm