Dromara Cycling Club run a club league each year incorporating both time trials and road races.  The events usually take place on a Thursday evening between April and September starting at 7 pm each evening.  The events are held at various locations in County Down and are open to any club member, aged 12 or over, who holds at least a Cycling Ireland ‘Limited Competition’ licence.    The league was set up by club member Bob Patterson who designed it so that all participants would have an equal chance of winning the league, regardless of gender, age or ability, as the ‘points’ are based on participation, commitment and personal improvement.  At the end of the year there are trophies for both first and second place as well as special awards. To run an event the club needs both timekeepers and marshals.  These helpers are drawn from the list of participants and are named in advance of the event.  As an acknowledgement for their assistance, both types of helpers are awarded league points.

This year to take part in the Club League you will be required to pick 3 races/TT’s to marshal. To choose which races/TT’s you will be available then please click the button below:

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The calendar is below 

DATE/TIMEEVENTTrophyLeague PointsMarshalsMin Marshals
02/04/15CL Rnd 1 - Hillsborough - Ballynahinch 5UP TTNoRichard C, BVK, David H, Gary B, Emma J, John S, Trevor B6
09/04/15CL Rnd 2 - The Kelly RaceSean KellyNoBVK, Lisa M, Gareth W, Paul G, Gavin M, Emma J, Trevor B, Davy F, Neil A, Linda F, Chris M, Eddie D, Jackie M, Gary G14
16/04/15CL Rnd 3 - Lurgan Road, 10 mile 2 Up TTJohn PattersonYesJohn S, Tommy D, Bryce H, Ronnie S6
23/04/15CL Rnd 4 - Downpatrick Road 10m TTYesBernie M, Gary B6
30/04/15CL Rnd 5 - Flatfield Road RaceSeamus DowneyYesRoisin M, Gareth W, Paul G, Eddie D, Linda F, Davy F, Gary G, Trevor B, Therese B14
07/05/15CL Rnd 6 - Spa 10m TTYesRobert McD, Brendan D, Peter B, Gavin M, Graham S, Graham Mc, David D6
14/05/15CL Rnd 7 - Lisburn - Annahilt 10m TTPheasant CupYesBernie M, David H, Kevin W, Davy McC, Neill C6
21/05/15CL Rnd 8 - Kinallen Road RaceLeapoges CupYesRoisin M, Peter B, Paul G, Emma J, Trevor B, Linda F, Michael C, Neil F, Eddie D, Martin M, Therese B, Graeme D14
28/05/15CL Rnd 9 - Ballynahinch - Hillsborough - Ballynahinch 16m TTYesIvan B, Stephen W, Davy McC, Zak H, Neil A, Michael C, David D, Kevin McD8
04/06/15CL Rnd 10 - Dundrum Line, DromaraWilby HannaYesBernie M, Kevin W, Graham Mc, David D, Kevin McD, Gary G6
11/06/15CL Rnd 11 - Legacurry Road RaceMagowan CupYesRoisin M, Neill C, Trevor B, Therese B, Graeme D, Lisa M14
18/06/15CL Rnd 12 - Dundrum Line 2 UP TTJohn PattersonYesBarry K, John S, Graham S, Neil A, Tommy D6
25/06/15CL Rnd 13 - Hillsborough - B'Hinch - Hillsborough 16mYesStephen I, Ivan B, Barry K, Stephen W, Zak H, Michael C8
02/07/15CL Rnd 14 - Lurgan Road 10m TTSaville CupYesDavid H, Barry K, Graham S, Davy F, Chris M, Neill C6
09/07/15CL Rnd 15 - Annahilt Triangle Road RaceWallace ShieldYesGareth W, Paul G, Neil F, Martin M, Trevor B, Colin McG14
16/07/15CL Rnd 16 - Top of Horseshoe to Banbridge (2UP TT)John PattersonYesPeter B, Graham S, Graham Mc, Tommy D6
23/07/15CL Rnd 17 - Annahilt Triangle 10m TTPheasant CupYesRobert McD, Zak H, Kevin McD14
30/07/15CL Rnd 18 - The Harry FergursonHarry Ferguson CupYesNeil F, Gary G, Martin M, Graeme D, Colin McG14
06/08/15CL Rnd 19 - Castlewellan - Banbridge 16m/25m TTYesBrendan D, Stephen I, Ivan B, Gavin M, Chris M, Bryce H8
13/08/15CL Rnd 20 - Drumaroad Road RaceYesLisa M, Eddie D, Linda F, Neill C14
21/08/15CL Rnd 21 - Lurgan Road 10m TTSaville CupYesRobert McD, Barry K, Stephen W6
27/08/15CL Rnd 22 - B'Bridge - Castlewellan - B'Bridge (Aussie Pursuit)YesBryce H, Colin McG6
03/09/15CL Rnd 23 - Dundrum Line 10m TTWilby HannaYesBrendan D, Stephen I, Davy McC6
10/09/15CL Rnd 24 - Finnis to Slieve Croob (Hill Climb)Horner TrophyNo6
17/09/15CL Rnd 25 - Clonvarnagh (Hill Climb)Yes4
24/09/15CL Rnd 26 - Begney (Hill Climb)Plough CupNo4